LTO-5 Tape Drive

LTO-5 Tape Drive 
Information storage space experts and pundits have actually been forecasting the demise of backup tape storage for several years. But although the usage backup tape storage space is decreasing, according to Storage magazine’s Buying Intensions survey last spring, 19% of participants said they still plan to boost their use tape. Current innovations in the current enhancement of the LTO tape layout, LTO-5 may rejuvenate this supposed passing away innovation. LTO-5 tape cartridges have twice the capability of LTO-4 tape, holding 1.5 TB indigenous and 3 TB pressed data. The data transfer price increases from 120 MBps to 140 MBps indigenous, and also 240 MBps to 280 MBps compressed.

To help you stay up to this day on the current information and also info on LTO-5 tape drives as well as tape storage, we’ve collected our leading five ideas on LTO-5. Discover whether LTO-5 is best for your business, LTO-5 tape specifications and also rates, as well as just what users are stating regarding the button to LTO-5.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. just recently introduced its initial collection of LTO-5 tape items, highlighting LTO-5 tape libraries, drives as well as cartridges, in addition to TapeAssure, a brand-new cost-free software energy that proactively monitors the health and wellness as well as performance of tape tools.

HP’s tape libraries have previously monitored tape performance reactively, according to HP StorageWorks product advertising and marketing manager for tape media Andrew Dodd. “This will show if, state, the mistake price on a disk drive or media is raising, as well as caution the consumer to change it prior to there are problems with their backups,” he claimed.

A lot of present disk drive include a feature called hardware compression. This makes available data compression to the magnetic tape by a drive. In many situations this feature might confirm extremely helpful. The hardware

compression is much faster compared to a software program compression since in contrast to the software program compression it does not utilize a computer system processor which attracts from sources. Additionally it is clear to the operating.

System and data is pressed “on the fly”.

Generally compression proportion for magnetic tape drives is 2:1. This indicates that if we would certainly compose 2MB information to a tape then the drive will certainly press the information and also you will have conserved only 1MB pressed information on the tape.

Sounds great, yes? However not really!

In fact compression proportion of 2:1 actually might be equivalent of 1.2:1 or 1.6:1 or an additional ratio. That depends the sort of information which you are composing onto tape. For uncompressed information types (such as txt, bmp, and so on) genuine. proportion might be near 2:1 however if you are going to write pre-compressed data  ( as an example multimedia data kind such as mpg, jpg, mp3, etc.) this ratio will be extremely bad and also in some compression algorithms could create the composed data to tape to be bigger than the initial data.

Magnetic tapes suppliers provide 2 tape capabilities. First– composed. a large typeface– a compressed ability and second– usually written. smaller sized typeface– a native information capability. As an example a tape that is LTO-4 (Linear Tape-Open 4 generation) has indigenous capacity of 800GB. If the compression ratio is 2:1 then the pressed capability is 1600GB (theoretically). If you do not utilize equipment compression then with LTO-4 tape you could create 800GB maximum. When you utilize hardware compression you can write greater than 800GB. How much? It depends on your information.

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The compression ratio is likewise associated with the speed acquired throughout procedures on magnetic tape. This speed is better when the compression ratio is much better. For example, the tape drive has a native speed of 120MB/s. With 2:1 compression ratio of this rate is increased. Additionally in this instance, the genuine speed hinges on the level to which information will be compressed.


Commonly default hardware compression is switched on but this is not a collection regulation. If a compression capability for your drive is not allow as.

Default, you may turn on it in a few means depending upon the drive. Sometimes, you can switch it on by an extra jumper on corpus or with a program by means of the operating system.

Trick Functions and also Benefits.

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Performance- Compressed transfer prices up to 1008GB/hr *.

Capacity – Approximately 3TB pressed capacity *.

Security/Ease-of-Use – AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, Write Once, Read Many (WORM) capability, and also segmenting capability.

Compatibility – Financial investment protection with backwards read/write compatibility to LTO-4 media and also backwards review compatibility to LTO-3 media.


 Quantum’s LTO-5 Half Height (HH) tape drives supply significant capacity and performance at an affordable price. Additionally, they use much less power generally than LTO-4 drives, making a “greener” and more energy efficient service.

 The drive utilizes the latest industry-standard user interface– 6 Gb/sec Serial Connected SCSI (SAS)– to allow for very easy installation and also integration right into your information center. Quantum’s LTO-5 HH tape drives also shield your investment by providing backward check out as well as write compatibility with LTO-4 media and also backwards review compatibility with LTO-3 media.


As well as with Quantum’s LTO-5 drives, you could be assured of protection with hardware-based AES 256-bit data encryption, allowing for the highest degree of safety and security with no loss of performance during the file encryption process. Additionally, LTO-5 is WORM qualified when used with LTO WORM data cartridges. And also the new dividing capability makes it possible for the tape to be formatted so it could be dealt with like a hard disk– perfect for video clip, imaging, CAD/CAM and also various other huge data applications.

 LTO-5 Product Information.

 Quantum “Backup Ready” package solutions allow you to go from box-to-backup in minutes with the extremely trustworthy Quantum LTO-5 tape drive, and durable Quantum media. “Back-up Ready” services are cost-efficient, simple to mount as well as fully supported by Quantum. Select the Quantum LTO-5 disk drive arrangement that is right for your setting: a server-installable internal, hassle-free table top or space-efficient rackmount.