HP, IBM, Tandberg Tape drive Repair & Backup company

HP, IBM, Tandberg Tape drive Repair & Backup company ensures for lots of firm maintaining the personnel as well as experience to repair their tape drives and also libraries. Tape back-up solutions, are the insurance policy, that enables a firm to respond to the unanticipated, by quickly returning internet. However, these options need manpower and design  expertise, that could seem beyond their economic methods today.

Expanding the life of your LTO disk drive and also libraries, is where we could assist!

We focus on tradition and also end of life tape drives as well as collections along with one of the most present offerings by today’ leading tape back-up producers including:

  • HP
  • IBM
  • Certance LTO
  • Quantum LTO
  • Tandberg LTO


We have the disk drive repair expertise, sector contacts, and also the capacities to purchase the component parts, do the repair procedures, and most importantly, examination the devices to specifications. You will receive back an item that functions just as good as brand-new.

Our typical repair turn  around time is 3 to 5 company days yet we do use a 1 to 3 day quickened repair services to decrease your down time. The majority of repairs are covered by a full item warranty, including the head assembly, for as much as 120 days.

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